Star Planning and Development’s approach is simple, it is to work with the Client to deliver the required outcome whether a planning permission, successful appeal or securing the allocation of land for development. It can take time and patience but we more often than not get there in the end.  We have a vision to provide a consistent, straightforward and reliable service to our Clients on a wide range of planning and development matters.

Throughout the planning process our approach is to keep the Client informed at every stage of the planning process. We agree the basis of the fee up-front so there are no surprises.

In addition to providing planning advice, we see our role as assisting the Client to bring together other specialist consultants who may be required. As part of the service we will then co-ordinate and manage the team on behalf of the Client and liaise with local authorities, the Planning Inspectorate, the local community and statutory undertakers.

Applying our expertise and experience, Star Planning and Development seeks to identify potential problems and obstacles to obtaining planning permission or securing an allocation to develop land. If a Client comes to us with an idea which is unlikely to deliver the desired outcome because of the obstacles and problems we say so (why waste our time and the Client’s money) or offer and alternative which is more likely to succeed.