Over the past 17 years Star Planning has successfully obtained planning permission, whether on application or appeal, for a large number of projects of varying sizes and types.


On appeal from the Secretary of State, obtaining outline planning permission for 251 dwellings on a site which was designated as Metropolitan Open Land.  Star Planning and Development co-ordinated the project team, provided planning consultancy advice associated with the preparation of 2 planning applications and negotiated the Planning Obligations.  Star Planning also appeared at the planning inquiry to give expert evidence on planning matters.


Securing planning permission for 97 dwellings on a site originally proposed for employment use.  There was a need to address issues related to the delivering of improvements to a public footpath across land in unknown ownership.

Obtaining outline planning permission on appeal from the Secretary of State for up to 550 dwellings on land which was not identified for residential purposes in any adopted development plan.  Star Planning co-ordinated the project team and provided planning consultancy advice associated with the preparation of a planning application, negotiating the Planning Obligations and community consultation.  Star Planning instructed leading Counsel and also appeared at the planning inquiry to give evidence on planning matters, including the adequacy of the 5-year supply of housing land.  The appeal was unsuccessfully challenged in the Administrative Court.


Application for circa 100 dwellings on land which was proposed for employment use but is now considered suitable for housing.


Various change of use of buildings to restaurants/take-aways and also to enable a nationally respected tattoo parlour to expand and provide an increased range of services.

Successful appeals for large Houses in Multiple Occupation (8 and 9 bedrooms) despite the Council’s resistance to such proposals.  Numerous planning applications for large HMOs.

Following the Client being refused permission, Star Planning and Development demonstrated that an Article 4 Direction which prevented the replacement of windows within a Conservation Area was legally flawed. The Council refunded the Client’s costs.

Obtaining planning permission for various children’s nurseries to operate, including one of the largest nurseries in the country.

Pursuing both applications and various appeals for houses in multiple occupation, particularly within the Selly Oak area. Securing various consents on application and appeal for different levels of occupancy.  Appearing as expert witness at hearings and inquiries related to these schemes.

Secured permission for a change of use to provide one of the largest places of worship, with associated community space, in Birmingham.


On behalf of a Consortium of developers, co-ordinating the submission of 2 outline planning applications for up to 2,200 dwellings together with a range of other uses as part of an urban extension.


Currently promoting 3 sites for release from the Green Belt which have been recognised in technical studies as having the potential for housing development with a combined capacity of around 700 dwellings.


Obtaining planning permission for an extension to a children’s nursery situated within the Green Belt which exceeded the normally allowable limit adopted by the Council.

Secured planning permission for the replacement of 2 modest sized dwellings within the Green Belt and Cannock Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty  with significantly larger properties.

Obtaining permission for an extension to a Listed Building situated within the Green Belt and Cannock Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty whose size exceeded the normal allowable limit adopted by the Council.

Change of use for 2 dwellings into houses in multiple occupation and then subsequently these were changed to studio flats.


Various extensions and alterations of a Country Lodge situated within the Green Belt to provide additional accommodation, improved access and enhanced car parking provision.

Advising on the viability of a mixed housing and commercial scheme and whether a Planning Obligation was enforceable despite the development having already been constructed.  Submitting a further application and subsequent appeal to overcome the unviable obligation previously agreed.

Securing the release of 2 sites from the Green Belt and obtaining planning permission for a scheme of 125 and 147 dwellings the latter being on appeal for 16 more dwellings than the Council was prepared to grant. These sites have been sold to housebuilders.

Securing a change in the ‘Zoning’ of land in the Community Infrastructure Levy Charing Schedule.

Promotion of 4 reserve housing sites through the Stratford on Avon Sites Allocation Plan.


Providing advice about the planning and potential value of a ‘ransom strip’ and subsequently advising a house builder about the planning strategy to secure consent for over 200 dwellings on appeal.  Although Counsel was instructed and evidence prepared when the inquiry opened the Council did not pursue its objection to the principle of the development.


The identification within a portfolio of a site which should have been adopted as open space but, instead, obtaining planning permission for 4 dwellings.


Bringing together 4 landowners to promote their land for up-to 260 dwellings and securing the allocation of the land in the development plan.  A planning application has now been submitted following extensive community consultation.

Proposal for a large care homes on the edge of Worcester which has informal support of the Planning Officers.

Promotion of 2 sites for release from the Green Belt in Bromsgrove District.

Redevelopment of a former employment site for modular housing circa 80 dwellings.

Scheme for 42 dwellings at a site in a village on the edge of Worcester.  Acting as witness at the appeal Inquiry.


Co-ordination of the project team and the provision of planning and community consultation advice associated with the submission of a planning application for up to 150 dwellings and other commercial uses in an area where there is not a 5-year supply of housing land.

Obtaining outline permission for a scheme of 200 dwellings including negotiations for the Planning Obligation reflecting viability concerns.

Support for a client in negotiating Planning Obligations for 2 schemes totalling circa 500 dwellings.

After the grant of planning permission, Star Planning was brought into the project to pursue an appeal against a condition which sought to restrict the rate of delivery on a housing site.  The appeal was successful and a full award of costs was made against the Council.


Two successful appeals for 240 and 50 dwellings, including a full award of costs against the Council for one of the appeals, and a planning application for 135 dwellings in a authority which did not have a 5-year supply of housing land.  Star Planning acted for Welbeck Strategic Land as planning consultant and project co-ordinator.  All 3 sites have now been sold for housing development.

Acting as planning project manager for a 4,000 dwelling scheme which is supported by the Council, including appearing at the Local Plan Examination Hearing.


Acting for Richborough Estates for 3 sites which are being proposed by Solihull Council to be released from the Green Belt for housing.  One further site being proposed as an additional allocation and removal from the Green belt.


Promoting 3 sites for housing development at Salisbury, Swindon and a village for some 200 dwellings. Securing permission on appeal for a 4 dwelling scheme despite strong local opposition with the main issue at debate was whether the term ‘few’ meant 1 dwellings (as stated by the Council and local residents) or up-to 4 dwellings.

A scheme for about 130 dwellings on the edge of Salisbury.

Scheme for circa 80 dwellings at a sustainable settlement within Swindon Borough.


A scheme of some 70 dwellings Winchester District at one of the most sustainable settlements.


Promotion of an urban extension including up-to 900 dwellings plus supporting social, community and physical infrastructure.  The site is now allocated in the adopted Local Plan.


Advice to landowner about the acceptability of a planning permission obtained by a national housebuilder and liaison with the housebuilder during the subsequent sale of the land.